Boston 5 March 1771

Dear Sir

I received your favour by Mr.
Moulton. The Commissions you mention were
made out and signed immediately upon the
nomination. Mr Cotton tells me that they always
ly until somebody applies for them. I did not know
that they had not been taken out until I received
your letter. They go to you under this cover with
a Dedimus to you and Mr Sewall to administer the

I [grieve?] for the Sheriff. It is my purpose
to appoint the person who seems to be so generally
acceptable to the County but I have not fully determined
to do it at the next General Council as I am informed
the present Sheriff has his calm Interval, & in case
of necessity may still do some Acts in person where
the Law does not admit of their being done by

We are every minute expecting news, our
last Letters are as old as the 15 November.
All the Bells of the Town are now tolling to shew
that the persons who have the direction of the Town

Jonathan Sayward Esq.

differ from the Law in their construction of the
Actions this day twelve month. What else is to be
done I do not yet know. I know that I have been
endeavouring that the Objections to the return of
the General Court to this Town may be removed but
a few infatuated people counteract me and I
doubt not will succeed.

I am
Sir Your most obedient
humble servant
Tho Hutchinson