[The previous diary entry for 3 March 1770 has not been transcribed. Please see the image.]

March 121 [1770]

I find years heavy upon
me now in my 66th and fears are
on every side. a striking news
attends yt. last Monday a Regular
officer with 50 men marched near
the Rope workes in Boston wr
the Regulars had been troublesome
ye week before. They now fired
yr. pieces. 8 of ym. Killed 3 men on ye
spot. Wounded many 2 of wh. died
the next Morning. that sd officers
and souldiers are taken into Custo
dy. that Roxbury Militias were
raised & came into Town. And yt
Regulars be removed. and yt
ye Governer was Constrained to
send ym. to ye Castle. Wt will
be ye consequence we know not.
O yt. God could appear for us
in this Dark day. & may God
help me this day to Deliver a word
in season

March 198: [1770] The striking news
of ye Regulars not Just as we
heard. yet not less affecting:
I change to Day. Lord go

with me. & overrule all things
for us. I find my heart disposed to
trust in God. Let me not be ashamed.

March 25. Preached. Lecture
Wednsday at 5. Goldthrights
I have been poor in health but
tho exposed this Cold season (wc. hath
been uncommon of late) to much
exercise abroad I find it hath
been helpful to me. God can
suit me to my Condition

The Lord help me this day ac
cording to his Mercy . . .

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