[The first entries on this page relate to Feburary 1770 and have not been transcribed. Please see the image.]

the M os of Feby and March have been remarkable for many important Events
1st. poor young Snider shot by Richardson, Wilmot prest. and active 26 Feby
his funeral and the circumstances of it are fully related in E & G. 5 Mar.
2nd the attack of the soldiers at Greys Rope Walk 2nd Mar.- do. 5 do.
3rd the party of ye main Guard of 29th Regt. comanded by Capt. Jno. Preston
firing on the Inhabitants in King Street, killing 6. and woun:
ding 5 others, the Conduct of the town of Boston, the removal
of both Regts to the Castle William, the last of the Burial
of 4 who died first- may all be seen in Edes & G. papers of 12th Mar
4 the flight of one Robinson, a Commissioner, who secretly
movd his Goods in the Night and on ye morning of the 15th.
from a Man of War boat then in the harbour was put on board
Capt. Robson then undersail for London.     and may
I not add pt of Apr, when altho upwards of 12 persons are
now in Boston Goal and bills found agt them for murder
not one has or will be tryed altho ye Court has sat
near One Month.