1 Feby March W pm SE dull. Mrs. Savage wh Mr. Hagar
came in Slay to Boston, I returned at night wh
Mr. Hagar. -raw cold. -
2 W dull snowy a little-
3 NW. fair, pleasant.
G 4 W. pleasant morning pm E and S cloudy raw cold
5 N began to snow last evening, still snows; at Noon
cleared off fair-
Select Men Weston {Biglow, Mirick, B. Smith, Jones, Harrington} ditto for Lincoln {2 Brown, 1 Russell, Lt Brooks, Dr. Brooks, Abbot}
Town Clk S. Baldwin-
6th West, moderate went to Boston wh Mr. Hagar
NB-let it never be forgot that last night Capt Preston
Of the 29 Regt in Boston drew a party of
the Main Guard to the Centry before the
Commisss. door in Kings Street and fired
on the Inhabitants killed 3 on the spot mortally
wounded 3 others one of which is since dead, broke the arm
of Mr. E. Pain and did much other Mischief, see
a particular Acct annex'd. - 2 other died 15 Inst. -
7 SW, warm thaw, return'd home alone
8. SW, warm, lecture at Lincoln Mr Woodward preach'd.
9 SW, warm pleasant went to Boston
10, SE, cloudy- Mrs Savage wh J. Johnson went to Weston.

[This is a published almanac page. See page image. It does include a handwritten note in the bottom margin:]

Let 5th. March never be