No 1
Je Hartagun Wm Mcauley
Hugh White Mat Kilroy Wm Warren J Carrol
Hugh Mt:gomry. Wm Weems. forward
Jona Austin. Do you Prisonrs: Yes Mccauley
he saw him Loading. below McCauley
abo: 7 or 8 – sd Damn yo: stand off saw yt fire
but knows not fro home. abo 50 or 60 Psons.

→ thinks loading again –
Eben Bridgham – ye 5 mar
Saw tall man Warren
Corporal, stand in Line P Custom ho on Left
Warren saw
after another wh made him doubt of it –
w one man between him & ye Corporal –
Saw him dischg: –
did yo see anything thrown Yes, & heard
noises strickng Guns, & Psons Daring to fire
Severl Guns Struck
Saw abo 12 wth sticks Surround Sold:rs some
Struck Gomery – Gave a Whorra & 3 Chears
abo yn Loadg – went up to Soldrs within
Length of Guns = . Called Soldrs Cowardly Rascals
Saw Grey fall blows violent
last Gun fired on right – ( on the Left man Killed
7 Guns. 12 soldrs before Soldrs.
James Dodge knew Warren.
Saw no other yt Night.
fire went left – saw ye Mollato –
fixg Bayonts & pushg abo 50. people
Saw snowballs & Ice from Inhabts & a stick
ratle wth bar:l of Firelocks = peopl pushg on
S:Clarke – Saw White ye Centry

Ed Langsfd: After 9 men & Boy abo 25. bells
rung – sd Centry had knockt ye boys down
[When Wm?] he told not to be Afraid
saw Math. Kilroy – [illegible] his piece & fired
Gray came up to him askt what Cheer –
He & Grey within reach of ye Guns –
Soldrs Loaded, heard y:e word fire
40 or 50 Psons – none over ye Gutter
Saw Math Kilroy fire tho he Ask’d him
not to & after he pushd his Bayonet thro
his Cloathes – 2 Guns yn off (of 6) before
Grey fell at my feet on Kilroy fireg [illegible] Directing
Grey no stick nor no Bull for [illegible]

Archibald saw Kilroy yre 7 all
Saw no sticks nor stones thrown
abo 20 foot fro fires. & at Murray Barra
[illegible] to Carry such Weapons at ye time night
[illegible] & Calld Bougers –

Js Brewer saw Mat Kilroy Struck at [illegible]
abo 20 boys round Sentry Capt Preson [illegible]
[illegible] Sold:rs men returng home:
Centry Breast high = Spoke to Preston who sd: no
he was not ab:o to fire – presently fire on
Monk who was wounded.
Mat Kilroy yt 1st. fire fro: 1st. man on rt Wing
nothg thrown – nor threatngs – no clubs =

Dr Young with a sword:
S. Emory Ja Bailey. Saw MtGomery & Lazzo Carol
Sentry. [illegible] Stand P Sentry – at Steps.
Saw abo 20 or 30 boys abo 14.
threw sevrl ps Ice at him as big as first.
Sentry sd: if boys did not disperse yr wd: be some
thing verry soon. did not see him struck
Mr Carrol came up wth his Gun to Breast
Centry sd don’t hurt ym
1st fire fro MtGomery on right ½ mint to 2d Gun
a man struck wth Cordwood Stick. Knock down Gun
a numbr of 50 or 60 men round [Rope Wrk?]
Attucks fell – MtGomery killd Attucks as he Imagind
Was Blow on MtGomery verry violt yes verry
snow balls thrown at head Considbl Ice
thrown. Pple cry’d fire – heard 3 chears
abo 2 or 3 minutes before 1st fire.
Mollato headed abo 20 or 30 men Some with Sticks
Attucks L o one = yt 7 or 8 mints before Fire –
Pple [ . . . ]

Palmes knows MtGomry wh Grenad:r
& as before = saw no othr snow
Pple disperst on 1st Guns firing
Stick thrown at him

Bailey Stroke he saw to MtGomry to Ground
was before ye 1st Gun & by one who
Stood to right of ye sd PGrounds – Carol at Ro Walks –

J Danbroke saw Hartegun & Carrol & MtGom:y
abo ½ aftr 9. after soldrs down.
Saw MtGomery before saw no stick &c.
saw a litle stick fly overhead. saw 2 fall.
Attucks & anothr on [in?] [illegible] 12 foot Distn & 5 foot Assuredly
[illegible] of 20 or 30 wth Clubs.

Jade Bass after 9. Saw Mtgomery: pushd Bayonet
& yn Gun wt off. Stood 5 ft: in forward saw a Stick Knock up Gun
fell down after ye fire. but not before
Sure MtGo: did not was not struck till aftr fire –
abo 5 minutes – at Dock sqr abo: 20 mi
2 Cheers by Pple 2 mins before fire wth sticks.

[This page contains notes on a different trial and has not been transcribed. Please see the page image.]