BOSTON, November 5.

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In our last we mentioned that at the Superior Court
held here, on Wednesday began the Trial of Capt.
Thomas Preston, of the 29th Regiment, who was in-
dicted by the Grand-Jury in several Indictments for the
Murder of Mr. Gray, Maverick, and others on the 5th
of March last : The Examination of Evidences and the
Pleas, were continued from Wednesday, each Day,
( Lord's Day excepted) until Monday ; when the Judges
summed up the Evidences, and gave the Charges to the
Jury. The Jury went out about five o'Clock, and it is
said agreed by eight : -- The Court was adjourned till
the next Morning at 8 o'Clock, at which Time they
brought in their Verdict, "NOT GUILTY ;" and
Capt. Preston was dismissed.