ORDER OF DE DAY -- Publish spressly for de use of de Marshal, and
nobody else, widout he pay someting toards de printing of him.

BOSSON, Uly 14, 18180.
De weels of time, habing been pretty well
grease de pass year, hab brought along once more de
nannibersary of de day which it be de pleasure, as
well as de duty of ebery true son of Africa, to sel
lebrate in a suitable manner, demonstrashumable of
de glorious occashun -- De head gemmen composing
de committee of derangement, hab derefore issue
dis order for de guide of de Marshal.

If de wedder be fair in de mornin, 64 pop-gun
will be let off, to gib notice to de public dat de sun
rise wid a smiling face, and send de clouds all a
scamperin, as Misser Shakespole say. De Marhsal
will take speshal care to be on dare post at de ushal
place of parade, in Masum-Treet, at persizely 9
o'clock, a little before or a little arter. If he no
come till too late, he will be fine to de gratest
stent of de law and de constitushum bote. He will
darefore see de necessity of punkinality. Insted of
de ushal badge of autority, de Committee hab
tought proper to substitute de axe handle, because
he serve for a cane, and do berry well to knock de
dogs out of de way. When de Marshal hab de-
range de posseshum, dey will all take tickerlar care
to move forrerd right foot first, and not leff as dey
did lass year, for de sake of variety. De Marshal
will each be attended by a boy wid a waterpot, to
see dat de dust is properly laid. Dis is consider
bery dispensible, as lass year, some of de Shocietee
were half choke wid de dirt, and no one wish to
eat he peck of dirt all at once.

De Prosseshum will move de shortest way to
Bullnob Treet, by de way of Long-wharf and de
Soth-end. Ebery member of de Sochietee will
wear an Elephant Tail in he hat, to denote dat
sich kind of vegetable grow bery plenty in Africa.
When de prossebum hab arribe at the Meetum
House, de Orator ob de day will deliber a mose
hellegant norashum, which will be more tickerly
notice fore shortly herearter. Arter de exumcise
be ober de company will dejourn to de spacious
hall in Fiddle Row, where plenty ob defreshment
will be divided; but de little boys muss stay till
dere fadders hab eat fuss. When de tose is read,
no one muss laff sept de chief Marhsal set de sam-

Per order ob de Committee,
Chief Marhsal

De following Tose will be deliber on dis Solomon and
Happy Occashum.

De Day -- Spose he come six time ebery year,
we sellybrate him, night or day.     163 Cheer.

De land we lib [ . . . ] -- And a berry good land he be
too.     16 Grin.

Massa Clay -- If he want brack man go lib in Af-
rica, why he no go show him de way heself.
    Song -- Possum up a gum tree.

Massa Presidamp Monroe--May he lib foreber,
and one day arter.     40 Cheer and half.

Mass Wilbyfoce--De brack man's berry good
friend--may he neber want a polish to he boot.

Africa--May de time soon come when he send
representative to Congress, and hab a King of he
own color     200 Cheer.

De Nited Tate--De land of Liberty, sept he keep
slave in de Sout.     Shake de head.

De rising brack generation--Only some of dem
half white--May de white gemmen not be so fond
of crossing de breed     No cheer, 7 grin.

Bonaparte--When he git away from Saint Lean
er, I guess he catch a weasel asleep.
    Song, Who come dare.

De man in de moon--Wonder wheder he white or
brack, or color of mouse's ear.     2 Horse-laff.

De brack fair seck--May dare virture be bomb-

[Whan dis tose de drunk, de chief Marshal will
sing de following SONG.]


O, weep for de hour
When to Missy Dinah's bower,
In a bery dark night Misser Sambo came,
For 'twas a cruel joke
Dat his crooked shin broke
O'er de hog's troff, and made himself so bery lame.

How he swore at his luck
As in de mud he stuck,
And vow'd he'd neber come dat way again,
And neber would he try,
When no moon was in de sky,
De back door to find in de darkness and rain.

Missy Dinah heard him groan,
As in bed alone
She lay, and she wonder'd what de matter could be;
She slips on her clothes,
To de window den she goes,
But alas! it was so dark she could hardly see.

De rain fell fast,
And loud howl'd de blast,
But Sambo heard de voice of his love from within,
"O, Dinah, come," said he,
"Bring de light and let me see,
For sadly hab I fractur'd de calf of my shin."

(After dis song be sung, de band will trike up de
Moosic to de tune of Checkaleckabungo, and de
Marshal will receive de honors of de Shocietee
for his desention to please dem. De tose will
den be continue as follow)

De memory of de great men who no lib to see
dare present ancestors sellybrate dis day wid de
rest of dare posterity. Spose dey were here, den
what he tink?

Mount Chastity--De brack man's country seat in
Bosson--may he neber want spunk to keep off de
sturbers of de public tranquity.
    Music--De hero comes.

De whiten frock Gemmen--He behabe much bet-
ter dis year dan he did on ??? arterwards.
    2 Pop-gun.

De African School--Bress dare little souls, how
fass dey do larn Mattymattacks and Combomblifica-

De Tate of New England--He be no more like
Africa dan my old gun like a beer barrel, or tum-
ble in a mud puddle and got out again.

De Sea Serpent--What for he no come so soon?
cause he no come afore arterwards.     17 Grin.

De spot on de Sun--Wonder who see him fusser
or sooner.     3 Cheer and quater.

De new Mill Dam--If 500 punkin make a load,
how long he take to pile him up?     20 grin.

Dis Societee--When he no member de spect due
to heself, may he forget to member who he be.


(It is special de following Volunteers will be giben
by seberal gentlemen of stinktion.)

De Day--Much better dan a day an a half any
oder day.

Our absent broders--If he no here, why he no
come? Guess he sorry for it fore shortly.

De Fair Seck--When he smile, how he make
my heart jump--When he frown, bress me, how
brack he do look.

De Memory of de Brave--Why de Old Boy
dont de white gemmen let de dead rest?

When de Sea Serpent knock down de Whale, let
de fisherman look out for breaker. Who tell fish
story now?

De Orator of de day--What he say be bery good
--what he no say, dont know any ting about it.

De President of de day--De man who dare be
honest when he get nothing by it.

De Squantum Squaw--Wonder if she going to
bury nudder broad axe dis year!--Guess she leave
de handle sticking out agin.

De Marshals of de day--Guess dey wont be sor-
ry when he come night.

De band of Moosic--Muss tose dem too, else dey
be defronted.

De memory of Tom Cook--What a dible of a
fellow he was.

May we eber hab someting to detain our friend,
and not like de poor woman who had noting in the
house to eat, and noting to cook it in.

De times we lib in--Spose he grow a little bet
ter; need nuff of him.

De Sun of Science--May he shine like two new
white top boot juss polish.

De Bosson Teater-When he hab "Forty Thieves"
in de house, why he no set dog on um?

De tarry heel gemmen--Guess he no find de pise-
leen so plenty as he use to.

De town of Bosson--Full of notion, and some
pretty good notion too. Wonder where he get em

When de tose be all drunk up, de company will
all rise, and de President of de Day will tell um
dere be noting more to do, but to be ready to celly-
brate de next year. De company will den march
out of de hall, gibe tree cheer, and experse in a
peaceable and disorderly manner. No Gemmen
will be lowed to smoke more dan six segar, or fill
he pipe twelve times, arter dinner. And if any
one should get tossicated, and so disgrace de Sho-
ciety, he will be tried by de fuss Court Marshal
which come along, and made a terrible sample of
------If he be a gemmen boot black, he will hab
his license taken away, and sentence to drive de
Town Cart during he good havior for life. If he
be one of de Marshal he will be try by de Leggin-
tatum de fuss time dey come togedder, and manu-
facter a core-rum. Darefore, ebery one take no-
tice dat it stan him on de hand to keep sharp look-
out for de head.

GIBEN under the fist of de President, dis 13th
day of Uly, at his hellygunt Manshum house,
on de wess side of de Mountain, mose under
water, when de tide come up.

True Copy--Tessum.