Stanzas to accompany sprigs of Arbor Vitae from Torrey s
grave at Mount Auburn to be Sold at the League of
Brotherhood Bazaar July 29, 1851—M. M. Fisher

Go stand on Auburn’s mount,
When the busy day is past,
And the solemn hush of the holy night
Over the world is cast.

When the stars are in the heavens,
By the turf-clad hillock stand,
Where the sleepers lie whom Death has called
Into the “Silent Land.”

Look for the martyr’s grave.
Kneel on the hallowed spot,
Where the night winds whisper, as they pass,
“He sleeps—but forget him not.”

He resteth there in peace,
No cares, no fears molest;
He sleepeth now, as a weary child
Upon earth’s gentle breast

Think of the felon’s cell,
Where the pale prisoner lay,
Till the waning sands of his earthly life
Slowly had ebbed away.

[In margin]

Poem by an English
Lady for C T Torrey

Tyrants have done their worst,
Low in the grave he lies;
But the voice of their brothers’ blood is heard
Ascending to the skies.

Low kneeling on the sod
Watered by many a tear,
Ask thy soul in the solemn hush of night,
“Who sent this victim here”?

And the still voice within,
Answering, may say to thee,
From the guilt of that dark & fearful deed,
Thou are not wholly free.

If the slave toil for thee,
Thy hand hath done its part
In sending to its last, long sleep,
That pure and noble heart.

Elizabeth B. Prideaux
[In another hand]

To this or some other Anti-Slavery Bazaar I sent an
autograph letter of John Quincy Adams [illegible]

M M Fisher