A Verse
Occasioned by the late horrid Massacre in

YOU true SONS of LIBERTY, who value your Lives,
Your estates and your freedom your children and Wives ;
A story I'll tell you that's truth now indeed,
And when you hear of it your hearts it will bleed.

It's of the bad Soldiers who all was combin'd,
And to Murder the Lads of the Rope-walk design'd :
With their Bayonet's drawed they came to Attack,
But the lads with their woolers did drive them all back.

On the evening of monday some Soldiers was seen,
Parading the Streets with their Cutlassess keen,
They walk't up and down with their Bayonets draw'd,
Wounding all the poor people that came in their road

Two lads that was walking together 'tis said,
About nine in the evening and was not afraid,
A Soldier they saw arm'd with a long Sword,
He wounded them both and spoke never a word,

Then one of the two struck at him with a stick,
Then two other Soldiers came out very quick,
With tongs and with shovel at them they did strike,
They thought they were bold, but 'twas done in the night!

As Mr. John Atwood, on some business went,
He came to Dock Square, were to discontent,
He met with the Soldiers who as it is said,
Swore that they would murder and where not afraid.

With that one of them struck at him with a club,
Then he from another received a rub :
Then a wound of a Sword which went to the bone,
The pain that he felt unto us is unknown.

Then came Capt. Preston, with his mighty crew,
And then they atacked the people a-new,
They Push't with their Bayonets as many does say,
And prick't all the people that came in their way.

Then the people enraged some snow-balls did throw
To the Custom-House where they kept guard as we know,
Then the Captain commanded them to fire away,
And one of the Soldiers obey'd as they say.

Then one of the Town's-Men who had a long club,
Struck the Soldier that fired so dreadful a rub,
That he let fall his arms and as many do say,
They pushed and prick't all that came in their way.

Then seven more guns was fired they see,
And that just compleated the sad massacre,
Three men laid dead down on the cold ground,
And others laid strugling for Life with their wound

A number of people then came at the last,
To the place where this tragical scene it had past,
Some took care of the dead ones, and wounded ones too,
Whilst others consulted what things for to do.

The 29th. Regiment got all of them arm'd,
The Bells was all rang and the town was alarm'd,
Then every man kept his station they say,
And scorn'd from the Soldiers for to run away.

The Men that were killed poor souls I do say,
Where Mr. James Calwell, and Samuel Gray,
The next, Crispus Attucks, laid dead on the ground,
And Maverick, and Carr, died soon with their wound.