Dear Mrs Warren, the Friend and Sister of my heart,

What a great Consolation is it, That tho the
restless ambition & unbounded avarice, & wicked machinations of some original Characters
have deprivd us of many of the pleasures of life, yet are they not able to take
from us the heartfelt Satisfaction of mutual affection & Friendly Converse? Your
Favor Truly Delineates human nature in a disagreable light, The Contrast is very Striking!
What have we to expect from Such Vitiated Persons as you present to View in the
British Generals, I hope their wicked inclinations will be restraind. I am Charmed
with the Portrait you give of General Washington? Must not we expect
Success under the direction of So much goodness? But my heart Bleeds for the
people of Boston my Blood boils with resentment at the Treatment they have met
with from Gage. Can anything equal his Barbarity, Turning the poor out of Town
without any Support, those persons who were posses of any means of Support Stopped
& Searchd, not Sufferd to Carry anything with them? Can anything
equal the distress of parents separated from their Children, The tender husband
detaind in Cruel Captivity from the Wife of his Bosom she torn with anxiety
in fearfull looking for & expectation of Vengance from the obdurate heart
of A Tyrant, Supported by wicked advisers? Can a mercifull Heaven look
on these things & not interpose? Is there not a day of retribution at hand?
Should these things Continue what a horrid Prospect would a Severe Winter
afford? how many must fall a Sacrifice to the unrelenting rigours of Cold
& want? be ye cloathd & be ye warmd will be of little Efficacy to the trembling
bared limbs or the hungry Soul of many a one who once livd in Affluence.
I believe human Nature never producd but one Parallel Tyrant, Cesar
Borgia, the Series of whose Cruelties will at any time make human
nature shudder. You kindly enquire after my Sister, I have seen
her but once since the Charlestown Conflagration, She is poorly
accomodated at Stoneham, I found her & my Brother Mason Too much
affected with their Loss. I really think their prospects peculiarly discouraging.
He has been out of business for a Twelve month past, a Large Family
to provide for. He advanced in life & losing his habitation by the hands

of as barbarous an enemy as ever appeard on the theatre of life, to
torment mankind. Where is the Historic page that can furnish
us with such Villainy. The Laying a whole town in ashes, after
repeated promises that if they would protect their troops in their return
from Concord, it should be the last place that should suffer harm.
How did they give shelter to the wounded expiring Soldiers & their
houses, their beds were prepard to receive them, the women readily
engagd in pouring balm in to their wounds, making broths & Cordials
to Support their exhausted spirits, for at that time the Softer Sex
had not been innured to trickling blood & gaping wounds. Some of the
unhappy Victims died, they gave up the gosth ghost Blessing the hands
that gave relief, and now in return for this kindness, they take the
first opportunity to make 500 householders miserable, involving
many a poor widow & orphan in one common ruin. Be astonished
o heavens at this & let the inhabitants of america tremble to fall into
the hands of such a merciless foe! But a more pleasing theme
presents to me, and I most sincerely rejoyce in the Late appointment
of your dear Cosort to an Honorable & I hope profitable employment
The Assiduity & Fortitude with which he has Labord in the Fair field of
Patriotic Virtue, thro much Self denial & Toil, I think merits very highly
of his Country & it must give pleasure to every Friend of Liberty to see
such Abilities & unabating Services meet with some recompence before
the Warfare is finishd. May He long live a Blessing to his
Country & reap the fruits of his Labors in a quiet & peaceable resting
place. I now write from the Solitude of Andover, & the reducd
& humble life, yet by no means is my firm persuasion Staggerd in the
glorious Cause we are Struggling in, the Cause of Virtue truth &
justice. Your Faith, that the united Efforts will be Blest with Success
animates me. I catch a spark of that heavenly flame which invigorates
your breast. Knowing your Faith has a permanent Foundation
& your acquaintance with those in the Cabinet must enable you to form
a better Judgment than those who have not those advantages After I have made an apology for this Scrawl hope you will consent
I should finish it with my sincere regards to Coll Warren

I Subscribe your ever Affectionate
Hannah Winthrop


August 17, 1775

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Mrs Warren


Mrs Warren


Mrs Winthrop Augt 1775