Methinks I hear Mrs Warren wondring how they do at head
Quarters at Cambridge. Perhaps her wonder may encrease when
I tell her the British Officers live in the most Luxurious man
ner Possible, rioting on the Fat of the Land, Stalking at
Large with the self-importance of Lords of the Soil.Gl.
B-n has been allowed a Court Martial on a Continental
Coll. for doing his duty in preventing an insurrection of
British Troops, at which Court B-n took upon himself
to Preside, interrogating & aiming to intimidate the Witnesses
on our part, encouraging those on his own, displaying
his Parliamentary Eloquence, Spouting forth his Contempt
of Americans, Sometimes in insidious Ironical compliments,
at others by open direct abuse, insulting & painting in the
blackest colors Coll. Healy, whom he often Calld, Criminal
at the [Back?] . This Scene has Continued almost three weeks
& the Court Sitting [Tame?] hearers. I hope the Public will
be favord with the whole of this Tryal, if not prevented
by the interruption of an important order just arrivd,
To declare them all Prisoners of War. O amazing
reverse of Circumstances! An Epithet Gl. Bn.

Constraind Gl Gl-r, (who applied it to him [illegible] on the Tryal) with
the haughtiness of an Emperor of the whole world, the to retract &
[illegible] to Confess it an inadvertant slip, & to Call
him only a Prisoner of Convention. What will be
the Consequence of this Manuvre time must tell.

I enclose you a Letter which I think will
entertain you if new to you. Forgive the bad writing,
please to return it with your Comments. for my time in
Copying it I think I may with some degree of Asurance
ask to peep into your Cabinet & be Favord with some
of your entertaing Manuscripts.

Pray accept of much Affection from your
ever Sincere
Hannah Winthrop

Feby 4th 1778

pray excuse an erasement
I was just now askd by a bystander
if I did not think my Scrips would
make a pretty Figure in one of Gains
N York papers as Letters are often
interceptd. the bad writing must [ . . . ]
my signature in Future.

P S.
Upon further inquiry I find the order I mentioned
not to be the del declaring the British Prisoners of War
as was at first represented. But detaining them here
Till the British King or Parliment Ratify the
Convention. dont you think the Continuance of these
Cormorants will bring us into difficultys.

I sincerely hope the Sequel of this Court Martial
will Lower the Crest of some of these high plumd officers.


Mrs Winthrop

Feby 1778