July 1776

1 [Moon (symbol)] fine Showers. Genl. Howe s Army
arrived at Sandy Hook
2 [Mars (symbol)] Rain'd hard coold the Air much
3 [Mercury (symbol)] Cool day
4 [Jupiter (symbol)] Cool the Independence of the States Voted & declared
5 [Venus (symbol)] hott—
6 [Saturn (symbol)] Do—very hot
7 [Sun (symbol)] Do—
8 [Moon (symbol)] fine rain
9 [Mars (symbol)] Very hott
10 [Mercury (symbol)] Do—showers
11 [Jupiter (symbol)] exceeding hott for a week past
12 [Venus (symbol)] Cool day Adjd to [Moon (symbol)] next
13 [Saturn (symbol)] hot. heard by Express that Lord Howe was
arrivd at Sandy Hook & that a 40 Gun
Ship & 20 gun ship—& 2 Tenders were gone
up North River. 1 Frigate launched here
14 [Sun (symbol)] Very Rainy Day Congress sat on the
Express of last Evening...a Frigate wch struck
yesterday launched to day—
15 [Moon (symbol)] fair, very cool so as to make a fire agre-
16 [Mars (symbol)] Cool. Mr Gerry sat out for home.
17 [Mercury (symbol)] Rain'd
18 [Jupiter (symbol)] hot. News of our Victory at Sullivans Island So. Carolina
19 [Venus (symbol)] Cool taken very ill of a fever
20 [Saturn (symbol)] hott bleeded & Physic—
21 [Sun (symbol)] Do—
22 [Moon (symbol)] Very hott.
23 [Mars (symbol)] Do........