Suffolk, ss. Boston, March 24. 1770. Hammond Green, above
named, after due examination, made oath to the truth of
the above-written affidavit, taken to perpetuate the re-
membrance of the thing.
Before JOHN RUDDOCK, Just. Peace and of the Quorum.
JOHN HILL, Just. of Peace.

(No. 96.)
I Thomas Greenwood of lawful age, testify and say, that on
Monday the 5th instant, spending the evening at Mrs. Whee-
ler's, I was alarmed by the bells ringing and people's crying
fire, upon which I turn'd out with Mrs. Wheeler's three sons
and helped Mr. Wheeler's engine as far as the Old South meet-
inghouse, we met several people who told us it was not fire,
but it was the soldiers and inhabitants fighting in kingstreet and
desired them to go back and get their arms, upon hearing this, I
hastened down to kingstreet, and coming near the west door of
the town house, I fell in with a number of people, most of them
that I saw had sticks and clubs in their hands, and huzza'd, af-
ter that we went round the north side of the Town-house, and
stood between the east steps of the town house and whipping-
post, I heard a number of people speaking, and one person in par-
ticular spoke to the two centinels, who were walking up and
down the street on the side of the town house, using these
words,* [Asterisk refrence mark indicates tha there is a note below ] come out and fight us if you dare, calling them Damn'd
bloody back rascals and scoundrels to come out and fight them, if they
dared, we are enough for you now, but I do not know whether
the above person belonged to the town; I looked round and
saw about twenty people before the custom-house door, upon
which I went down to the custom house, I then heard two or
* [Asterisk refrence mark:] It may not be improper to remark here, that the deponent,
Thomas Greenwood, is a hired servant to the Commissioners,
on whom he is altogether dependent, and when before the Jus-
tices, he was several times detected in plain falsehoods; parti-
cularly in swearing first, that the number of persons who called
the soldiers " bloody back rascals," &c., was nine, then seven,
and finally but one, as it now stands ; and through the whole
of his examination he was so inconsistent and so frequently
contradicted himself, that all present were convinced no credit
ought to be given to his deposition, for which reason it would
not have been inserted had it not been known that a deposition
was taken relating to this affair, from this Greenwood, by Jus-
tice Murray, and carried home by Mr. Robinson.