Boston, ss. At a Meeting of the Free-
holders and the other Inhabitants
of the Town of
Boston, duly
qualified and legally warned,
in public Town-Meeting assem-
bled at
Faneuil-Hall, on Mon-
day the
12th day of March,
Anno Domini, 1770.

THAT Article in the Warrant,
for calling this Meeting, viz.

" What Steps may be further neces-
" sary, for obtaining a particular Account
" of all Proceedings relative to the Mas-
" sacre in King-Street on Monday Night
" last, that a full and just Representation
" may be made therefore," was read,

VOTED, That the Honorable James
, Esq; Doctor Joseph Warren, and
Samuel Pemberton, Esq; be a Committee
for this important Business ; and they are
desired to report as soon as may be.

Attest. William Cooper, Town-Clerk.

THE following Report, containing a Nar-
rative of the late Massacre, is submitted to
the Town
. In the Name of the Committee,

James Bowdoin