in some convenient part of his Majesty's do-
minions in America". -- This must be understood
to be in some part convenient for the whole --
But it does not appear, that in fixing the place
of their residence, the convenience of the whole
was at all consulted, for Boston being very far
from the centre of the colonies, could not be
the place most convenient for the whole. --
Judging by the act, it may seem this town was
intended to be favoured, by the Commissioners
being appointed to reside here ; and that the
consequence of that residence would be the re-
lief and encouragement of commerce : but the
reverse has been the constant and uniform effect
of it : So that the commerce of the town, from
the embarrassments in which it has been lately
involved, is greatly reduced. For the particulars
on this head, see the state of the trade not long
since drawn up and transmitted to England by a
committee of the merchants of Boston.

The residence of the Commisssioners here, has
been detrimental, not only to the commerce, but
to the political interests of the town and pro-
vince ; and not only so, but we can trace from
it the causes of the late horrid massacre. Soon
after their arrival here in November 1767, in-
stead of confining themselves to the proper busi-
ness of their office, they became partizans of
Governor Bernard in his political schemes ; and
had the weakness and temerity to infringe upon
one of the most essential rights of the house of
commons of this province -- that of giving