street near the centinel, who was muttering and growling, and seem'd
very mad. I saw Edward Garrick who was crying, and told
his fellow-apprentice that the centinel had struck him. I then
went as far as the Brazen-Head, and heard the people huz-
zaing by Murray's barrack, I went down kingstreet again, as
far as the corner of royal exchange lane, by the centry, there
being about 40 or 50 people, chiefly boys, near the Custom-house, but
saw no person insult, or say anything to the centry, I then said to
Bartholomew Broaders, these words, viz. the centry (then
standing on the steps and loading his gun) is going to fire ;
upon which I went to the Custom-house gate and tried to get
over the gate, but could not ; whilst standing there I saw
Thomas Greenwood upon the fence, to whom I said, open
the gate; he said that he would not let his father in, and then
jump'd down into the lane and said to the deponent follow me,
upon which I went down the lane with him, and round by
the Post-office, to the main-guard ; he went into the guard-
house and said turn out the guard, but the guard was out be-
fore, and I heard that a party was gone to the custom-house;
I then heard the guns go off, one after another, and saw three
persons fall ; immediately after, a Negro drummer beat to arms,
upon that the soldiers drew up in a rank (and I did not see
Greenwood again, until the next morning), after that I saw
the 29th regiment drawn up in a square, at the south-west corner of
the town-house ; soon after I went home ; and further I say not.

Suffolk, ss. Boston, March 24, 1770. John Green, above-
named, after due examination, made oath to the truth of
the above-written affidavit, taken to perpetuate the re-
membrance of the thing.
Before JOHN RUDDOCK, Jus. Peace and of the Quorum.
JOHN HILL, Just. Peace.

(No. 95.)
I Hammond Green, of lawful age, testify and say, that on
the evening of the 5th day of March instant, between the
hours of eight and nine o'clock, I went to the Custom-house ;
when I came to the front door of the said house, there were
standing two young women belonging to said house, and two
boys belonging to Mr. Piemont, the barber ; I went into the
house and they all followed me, after that Mr. Sawny Irving
came into the kitchen where we were, & after-wards I lighted
him out at the front door, I then went back into the kitchen