again, and the boys above-mentioned went out ; after that two
other boys belonging to Mr. Piemont came into the kitchen,
also my brother John, who had been in a little while before,
he went to the back door and open'd it, saying that something
was the matter in the street, upon which, with the other three,
I went to the corner of Royal Exchange-lane in kingstreet, and
heard an huzzaing, as I thought, towards Dr. Cooper's meeting,
and then saw one of the first mentioned boys, who said the cen-
try had struck him ; at which time there were not above eight or
nine men and boys in king-street, after that I went to the steps of
the Custom-house door, and Mary Rogers, Eliza. Avery, and
Ann Green, came to the door, at the same time heard a bell
ring ; upon the people's crying fire, we all went into the house
and I lock'd the door, saying, we shall know if any body
comes; after that, Thomas Greenwood came to the door and
I let him in, he said, that there was a number of people in the
street, I told him if he wanted to see anything to go up stairs,
but to take no candle with him ; he went up stairs, and the
three women aforementioned went with him, and I went and
fasten'd the windows, doors, and gate; I left the light in the
kitchen, and was going up stairs, but met Greenwood in the
room next to the kitchen, and he said that he would not stay in
the house, for he was afraid it would be pulled down, but I was not
afraid of any such thing ; I then went up stairs into the lower
west chamber, next to royal-exchange lane, and saw several
guns fired in king-street, which killed three persons which I saw lay on
the snow in the street, supposing the snow to be near a foot deep;
after that, I let Eliza. Avery out of the front door, and shut
it after her, and went up chamber again; then my father,
Mr. Bartholomew Green, came and knock'd at the door, and
I let him in; we both went into the kitchen and he asked me
what was the matter, I told him that there were three persons
shot by the soldiers who stood at the door of the Custom-house; he
then asked me where the girls were, I told him they were up
stairs, and we went up together, and he opened the window
and I shut it again directly ; he then opened it again and we
both look'd out ; at which time Mr. Thomas Jackson, jun.
knock'd at the door. I ask'd who was there? Mr. Jackson said,
it is I, Hammond let me in ; I told him if my father was out, or
any of the commissioners came, I would not let them in. And fur-
ther I say not.     HAMMOND GREEN.