three persons use these words, one after another, [Dagger reference mark indicates that there is a note below.] I wish I could
get into the Custom House, I would make the money circulate amongst
us, after that I went up to the custom-house door and saw 2
or 3 snow balls fall on the flat stones near the steps of the door;
I knock'd and Mr. Hammond Green came to the door, while
I was speaking to the centry, who stood upon the steps, I told
him not to let any body come into the door, and no person of-
fered to come in; the said Green ask'd who was there, I an-
swer'd 'tis Thomas, let me in Hammond, when I got in, the said
Green said to me if I wanted to see anything, go up stairs,
I went into the back room and got the key of the little draw-
ing-room, being the lower west corner chamber, and went up
stairs, and Elizabeth Avery, Mary Rogers and Ann Green
followed me into the room; we all looked thro' the glass, I saw
some persons standing by the centry-box striking with sticks,
but did not see them hit any body, tho' a number of persons
were close by them; I told the women above mentioned that
I would not stay, for I was afraid that the house would be pull-
ed down, there being about forty or fifty persons consisting of men
and boys; I saw no persons throw any stones or attempt to break even
a square of glass, or get into the house (the next morning I found there
was not a pane of glass broke in the said house) Afterwards, I
went down stairs and met Hammond Green in the middle room ;
he asked me where I was going, I told him I was going out,
upon which I went into the kitchen and took my hat and went
into the yard, got upon the wood pile and went to the fence ;
John Green being by the gate asked me to open the gate and
let him in; I told him I would not open the gate for any body ;
one person passing by, said to me, heave over some shalales.
I jump'd off the fence into royal exchange lane, went down
the lane with John Green, and went round by the post-office
to the main-guard ; I told one of the soldiers if they did not go
[Dagger reference mark:] As this deponent is the only person out of a great number of
witnesses examined, who heard any mention made of the Cus-
tom-house, and as it is very uncommon for several people to
repeat exactly the same words upon such occasions (for the
deponent insisted that the identical words were used by
each person) considering the character and connections of the
deponent, and his own express declaration in this affidavit,
that he saw no person attempt even to break a square of glass
or to get into the Custom-house, it may very justly be doubted
whether such words were used by any one.