Lincoln [Printed date:] Thursday, Dec. 6, 1917

Warm, Sunny. Pleasant

Went to town on 8.29 train. Then
to see Doctor Crockett about my ears.
He blew out the tubes and did the
same test as Doctor Powers. Seemed to
think the hearing was no better and
no worse.

Two munition ships blew up
in Halifax Harbor this morning. Col-
lision. Many houses destroyed. It
had a depressing effect on stocks.

Russia has signed an armistice
for 28 days. Germany forcing the
fighting on the Piave and England
at Cambrai. I think Germany will
try to force a decision this Fall be-
fore Russias armistice ends.

Bought a Saving certificate and a
Thrift stamp today. This is the new
attempt to get at the petty extravagance.

Hitty and Bob Homans were at Lincoln
tonight. Hitty riding a horse to Ayer; and
Bob came down for the night.

Lincoln [Printed date:] Friday, Dec. 7, 1917

Cold, Clear, Hard Northwest wind.

Bob Homans left by 7 oclock train.
Hitty left on her horse at 8.

Halifax explosion is a disaster. 2,000 dead.
Town almost wiped out. Munition ship
Imo Mt. Blanc rammed by Imo caught
fire from a deck load of benzene and blew
up in 17 minutes. Much of her cargo
was T. N. T. The most powerful ex-
plosive known.

Sold some Ray Con. Copper
for Jack at 22 1/2. He saw Mr. Brush
in New York and decided copper stocks
would not be higher and the price fixed
would be reduced in February.

Out to Lincoln on 4.20 train. It turned
very cold as the night came on.