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Coat worn by Governor John Leverett

Coat worn by Governor John Leverett Ox hide, linen thread


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    [ This description is from the project: Fashioning the New England Family ]

    This buff coat, a heavy and very thick leather garment for use in battle, was worn by John Leverett (1616-1679) as a soldier in Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentary Army. He later used it in New England as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony during King Philip’s war.

    The coat is made of 14 pieces of ox hide, each 2 cm thick, sewn together in butt-seam using linen thread. Its long, turn-up sleeves have scalloped edging around cuffs and inside elbow cut-outs to allow the wearer to bend his arms. Original silver fasteners are missing but one belt loop for heavy sword belt remains on back. Coat shows signs of hard use: blood stains and some pierced areas.