Mhead Jan. 13. 1770

Gentn, --

Having waited some time for a Sale
of those 2 bbs Tea & no opp: offering for it's
disposal, I tho't best to acquaint you that
it yet remains unsold -- This article is
sold at Salem a 4/[per ] [symbol ] [per] doz &c, & here at
4 [Pistole ][per ]single [symbol] --

I fancy that some how or other sup-
plies of this article have found a way into
the Town, notwithstanding the Vigilance
of our worthy Patriots, who are as assiduous in
detecting& removing any trifling package, as if all the Evils
of Pandora's Box were inclos'd, or the Fate of
Empires depending --     The ungenerous
Treatment I have met with from them will
excuse me if I seem a little warm, or impertinent
in troubling you with what is foreign to ye design
of my present writing --     I am with due
Respect --     Gentn.

your most hble Servt

Thos. Robie


Richard Clarke Esq. & Sons


Mr. Thoms: Robie his
Letter dated M:head Jany
13, 1770