Savannah August 28th. 1860

Jos. S. Fay Esq

Dear Sir

I Received your Kind letter
Enquiring how Many and the ages of the children Some
time ago and Must appoligise for not writing you
Ere this But My Son James that Do My writing
for Me have been Sick and i was Necessarily
Hindered from Doing So But i Will now
Say Sir that the Number of the children that
you Hold Bills of Sale for are as follows---
Cornelia and her three Boys the ages are William
now 16, Stephen, 14, Duncan, 7, years of Age
Respectively She have four Boys living, But there
is But three Mentioned in the Sale I think
the youngest Named Adrian Was Borned after
the Sale these are the four children of cornelia
at Any Rate though there May not Be But
two Mentioned in the Bill of Sale----
Isabella is in the other Bill of Sale Seperate
from the others thus the Number of My children
and grandchildren you have in your care Sir
is Six (6) Isabella having no children Alive
With the hope Sir that you May Do for them
What you May think is Best under the
circumstances [Nay?] I Am Sure you Will, this

Sir I shall Be contented and Feel Deeply obliga-
ted to you,

you Will Please Sir Remember
Me to the Mistress and children and With
the hope that these May find you All Well
and Happy I Am Sir as Ever your Humble
Grateful Servt

Minda Campbell

[Subscription (recipient's name at end of letter)] Joseph S. Fay, Esq