Address to the LADIES.

Young ladies in town, and those that live round,
Let a friend at this season advise you :
Since money's so scarce, and times growing worse
Strange things may soon hap and surprize you :
First then, throw aside your high top knots of pride
Wear none but your own country linnen ;
of Oeconomy boast, let your pride be the most
What, if homespun they say is not quite so gay
As brocades, yet be not in a passion,
For when once it is known this is much wore in town,
One and all will cry out, 'tis the fashion !
And as one, all agree that you'll not married be
To such as will wear London Fact'ry :
But at first sight refuse, tell'em such you do chuse
As encourage our own Manufact'ry.
No more Ribbons wear, nor in rich dress appear,
Love your country much better than fine things,
Begin without passion, 'twill soon be the fashion
To grace your smooth locks with a twine string.
Throw aside your Bohea, and your Green Hyson Tea,
And all things with a new fashion duty ;
Procure a good store of the choice Labradore,
For there'll soon be enough here to suit ye ;
These do without fear and to all you'll appear
Fair, charming, true, lovely, and cleaver ;
Tho' the times remain darkish, young men may be sparkish.
And love you much stronger than ever.     !O!