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March 30.

It was early conceived by the most sagacious and
knowing Nations, that a Number of Females had always determined
the Condition of Men, by means of their Spinning Wheels : And
Virgil intimates, that the Golden Age advanced flower, or faster
as they spun.

" Talia fæcla, suis dixerunt, currite Fusis
--     [Many hyphens are on this line in the original article.] Parcee."

And had the Ladies, in every Age since, ruled in this laudable
Way, perhaps some nations would be in a far better State than
they now are ; but be that as it will, I presume there never was
a Time when, or a Place where, the Spinning Wheel could more
influence the Affairs of Men, than at present, in this and the
neighbouring Colonies; --- or sooner produce a golden Age. The
following Relations and Instances amongst a multitude of others, in
all the Colonies, of the Industry and Frugality, of American La-
dies, must exalt their Characters in the Eyes of the World, and
serve to shew how greatly they are contributing to bring about the
political Salvation of a whole continent.

A Gentleman at New-Port writes -- "As I am a very great
Lover of Liberty, of Beauty, of Music, of my Country, and of all
those who endeavour to promote and establish, by good Oeconomy,
its Wealth, Peace, Prosperity and Tranquility, and being at the
sign of Pitt's Head in this Town, on Tuesday last, was extremely
pleased by having Admittance into the Company of Eleven of the
Daughters of Liberty, Ladies of Character, and Lovers of British
Freedom, and Industry ; each being laudably employed in playing
on a musical Instrument, called a Spinning Wheel, the Melody of
whose Music, and the Beauty of the Prospect, transcending for
Delight, all the Entertainments of my Life. I was still more pleased
with the Ladies Company, (when by Inquiry) I had learnt more
of their Love of Liberty, and strict Attachment to their Country's
Welfare, and of their Determination of preserving in such laudable
Exercise and good Oeconomy, as is a Credit to the fair Sex, and an
Honour to America.

For I found that, as these Daughters of Liberty delight in each
other's Company, they had agreed to make circular Visits to each of
their Houses, and in order to excite Emulation in serving their
Country, promoting Temperance and Industry, had determined to
convert each Visit into a spinning Match, and to have no Enter-
tainments but what is the Produce of their own Country ; and to
appear as much as possible clothed with our own Manufactures,
and that more especially which is the Effects of their own Labour
--- The abovesaid Ladies spun between 6 o'Clock in the Morning,
and 6 o'Clock in the Evening, 37 skeins and 15 Threads which,
upon an Average make three Skeins five Knots and five Threads."

March 31.

A Gentleman in James- Town, also writes -- " As a
Proof that the Daughters of Liberty in this Town, are not less zea-
lous in promoting American Manufactures, and the Cause of con-
stitutional Liberty, than those of Newport, I can assure you that
eighteen Ladies, of good Fashion and Character, of this Town,
and two from Newport, met on Monday last at the House of Mr.
James Carr, junr. in order to try their Dexterity, at a spinning
Match : And notwithstanding one was but eleven Years old, and
another left off at about two o'Clock, they spun between Sun-rise
and Sun-set 78 Skeins and nine Knots of choice Linen Yarn ;
each Skein containing 15 Knots, and each knot 40 Threads. -- I
will only observe to the Honour of the above mentioned twenty
in particular, and the fair Sex in general, that were the Gentlemen
really as sincere, and as much in earnest in promoting Frugality,
Industry, and all other Virtues, as the Ladies are, there is not the
least Doubt, but we should soon free ourselves from the Burthens
with which we are now oppress'd, and lay the Foundation of
American Liberty on a Basis not to be shaken by any Power on
Earth !"

We are informed from North-Kingston, that last Friday, eleven
neighbouring young Ladies met together, at the House of John
Congon, Esq; in that Town, upon a Spinning Match ; where they
began to spin about Sun-rise, and spun about forty six fifteen knot-
ted Skeins of good Linen Yarn, and left off about five in the Af-
ternoon of said Day ; when about as many young Gentlemen, as
there were Ladies, came to said House, and opened as a fine Ball, as a
Recompence to the Ladies, for their Industry.

And from Newport, that lately eleven Ladies met at the House
of Mr. Stephen Tripp, on the Point, and spun 34 Skeins and
seven Knots of good Linen Yarn. -- Though the Quantity they
spun, was not so great as has been produced by some spinning
Matches, consisting of the same Number ; yet I believe it may
with Truth be said, that it exceeded in fineness, as the whole
weighed but 4lb. 5 oz. which is eight Skeins to the Pound. -- To
the Honour of those Ladies, it ought to be mentioned, that they
refused the Regale of the destructive Bohea, and were most of them
dressed in Cloths of their own spinning, and the others are resolutely
determined to follow the laudable example as soon as possible.

April 1.

We are also advised from Huntington on Long-Island,
that very lately a Company of young Ladies belonging to that
Town, to the Number of sixteen, met to spend the Day together,
not in idle Dissipation, (as is too often the Case,) but with a truly
laudable Design of promoting Industry, for they had no sooner met
together, but to divert themselves, they each took their Spinning
Wheels and applied themselves so closely and with that Dexterity
that at the Close of the Day, they had spun one hundred and seven
Skeins, in each Skein were ten Knots, weighing thirty two Pounds of
very good Linen Yarn. The Ladies were all decently clad in Home-
spun, the Manufacture of their own Town ; who like true Female
Patriots, shewed by their Conduct, that they despised to dress with
the Manufactures of a Country that is endeavouring to enslave us.
It also appeared, that a Female Patriotism was predominant in their
Conduct, when the Tea Table was introduced ; for instead of
making use of any foreign Tea, (which is become more nauseous
since loaded with an unconstitutional Tax,) they substituted a Tea
the Growth of that Town, called Ever-Green, which for its plea-
sant Flavour, and many excellent Qualities, is preferred by many to
the best Green Tea.