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Wig belonging to Henry Bromfield

Wig belonging to Henry Bromfield Human hair, horse hair, silk thread, silk ribbon
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[ This description is from the project: Fashioning the New England Family ]

Man's bagwig, brown hair attached to the caul (base) of the wig in a circular pattern at top and sides. The French silk “ointment pink” tape around the caul perimeter at front and sides served to stabilized the hairline. The wefts of human and horse hair are hand woven and sewn onto the caul. The style is of the hair combed back from the forehead, with a double puff above each ear (human hair) and the rest tied at the back of the head and plaited, with a black silk bow at the bottom of the queue (horse’s hair). Set also contains a formal black silk "queue bag", in extremely poor condition, which would have been used to contain the clubbed queue to keep Bromfield's collar and coat clean. The original coconut shell container, white leather pouch containing powder for the wig, and a powder puff made of a coiled upholstery fringe sewn together at the woven base complete the set.