& on Wedday the 13th [Dec. 1775] he
came up & agreed to provide
the necessary number of
sleds & oxen & they to be
ready by the first snow
on the 13th [Dec. 1775] being very uneasy
at not hearing of our
little fleet we dispatch'd an
Express boat -- about 2 oClock
but in the afternoon we
Receiv'd advice that on the
morning of the 10th [Dec. 1775] the Scow had
gotten from off the rock on
which she had run & with
great difficulty had reach'd
Sabbath day point -- & on
the same Night the wind
being exceeding high the sea
had beat in her in such
a manner that she had
sunk -- this news was

[There are one or more leaves missing between pages 12 and 13.]