John Rowe

Primo September 1774 Thursday

-- very hot Weather. WSoE
I dind at home with Mr Inman & Mrs Rowe & Geo Inman
This morning a Letter was pickd up wrote by Genl Brattle
to Genl Gage & the Genl in Consequence Sent a Party
of Two hundred men under the Command of Colo Mattison
& took the Gunpowder belonging to the Province from
the Arsenall on x [Reference mark ] Quarrell & brought it from thence
in the Transports Boats to the Castle -- This Letter
has exasperated the Country People against Brattle
so that he now takes Refuge in Boston --
I spent the Evening at the Possee with Benja Greene
Rufus Greene Saml Swift Francis Johonnot Wm Cotton
James Richardson Benja Austin & Wm Henshaw
x [Reference mark defined:] Quarry Hill

2 September Fryday

I Rose very Early this morning
& went with Mrs Rowe over to Jamaica & back I dind at
home with Mr Meredith Timo Folger Mr Inman Mrs Rowe
& Geo Inman. A Great number of People from the
Country are Collected at Waltham, Watertown, and
Cambridge. Occasiond as tis Reported from the Behav
of Genl Brattle
The People seem to be Frightned & afraid of its Consequences
The Generall has Reinforced the Entrance at the Neck
Commissioner Hallowell, has been Insulted in his way thro
Cambridge, he Fled for Shelter to this Town.
This Evening appeard a Flimsey Recantation from
Genl Brattle; I Spent the Evening at home with
Mrs Rowe and Geo Inman

3 Sept Saturday

A Rainy Morning WSo The People at
Cambridge mostly dispersd & Gone home. The Generall sent
four field pieces to Boston Neck -- I dind at home
with Ezekl Golthwait Mr Inman Geo Inman & Mrs Rowe
I Spent the Evening at home with Mrs Rowe --
The Scarborough Man of War Capt Chad Saild for England

4 Sept Sunday

fine Cool Weather WNNW -- I went to Church
this morning Mr Parker Read Prayer & preachd from the 25th
Chapter by St. Mathew & 29th: Verse for unto Every one that hath
shall be given and he shall have abundance but from him
that hath not Shall be taken away even that which he
hath -- I dind at home with the Revd Mr Parker Richd Greene
Major Golthwait Mrs Hooper & Mrs Rowe, afternoon I went
to Church Mr Parker Read prayers & Preachd from the 6th.