A LIST of the Names of the
PROVINCIALS who were Killed and
Wounded in the late Engagement with
His Majesty's Troops at Concord, &c.

Of Lexington.
* Mr. Robert Munroe,
* Mr. Jonas Parker,
* Mr. Samuel Hadley,
* Mr. Jonan Harrington,
* Mr. Caleb Harrington,
* Mr. Isaac Muzzy,
* Mr. John Brown,
Mr. John Raymond,
Mr. Nathaniel Wyman,
Mr. Jedediah Munroe.
Of Menotomy.
Mr. Jason Russel,
Mr. Jabez Wyman,
Mr. Jason Winship,
Of Sudbury.
Deacon Haynes,
Mr. ----- Reed.
Of Concord.
Capt. James Miles,
Of Bedford.
Capt. Jonathan Willson,
Of Acton.
Capt. Davis,
Mr. ----- Hosmer,
Mr. James Howard.
Of Woburn.
* Mr. Azael Porter,
Mr. Daniel Thompson.
Of Charlestown.
Mr. James Miller,
Capt. William Barber's Son.
Of Brookline.
Isaac Gardner, Esq;
Of Cambridge.
Mr. John Hicks,
Mr. Moses Richardson,
Mr. William Massey.
Of Medford.
Mr. Henry Putnam.
Of Lynn.
Mr. Abednego Ramsdell,
Mr. Daniel Townsend,
Mr. William Flint,
Mr. Thomas Hadley.
Of Danvers.
Mr. Henry Jacobs,
Mr. Samuel Cook,
Mr. Ebenezer Goldthwait,
Mr. George Southwick,
Mr. Benjamin Daland, jun.
Mr. Jotham Webb,
Mr. Perley Putnam.
Of Salem.
Mr. Benjamin Peirce.

Of Lexington.
Mr. John Robbins,
Mr. John Tidd,
Mr. Soloman Peirce,
Mr. Thomas Winship,
Mr. Nathaniel Farmer,
Mr. Joseph Comee,
Mr. Ebenezer Munroe,
Mr. Francis Brown,
Prince Easterbrooks,
( A Negro Man.
Of Framingham.
Mr. ----- Hemenway.
Of Bedford.
Mr. John Lane.
Of Woburn.
Mr. George Reed,
Mr. Jacob Bacon.
Of Medford.
Mr. William Polly.
Of Lynn.
Mr. Joshua Felt,
Mr. Timothy Munroe.
Of Danvers.
Mr. Nathan Putnam,
Mr. Dennis Wallis.
Of Beverly.
Mr. Nathaniel Cleaves.

Of Menotomy.
Mr. Samuel Frost,
Mr. Seth Russell.

Those distinquished with this Mark (*) were killed by the first Fire of the Regulars.

Sold in Queen-Street.