A Proclamation
By his Excy. the Hon. William Howe, Maj. Genl.

Whereas it is become the indispensible Duty of every
loyal & faithful Citizen, to contribute all in his power
for the Preservation of Order & good Government
within the Town of Boston.

I do hereby recommend that the Inhabitants do im-
mediately associate themselves to be formed into
Companies under proper Officers, selected by me,
from among the Associators to be solely employed
within the precincts of the Town, & for the pur-
poses above mentioned.

That this Association be opened in the Council-
Chamber, under the Direction of the Hon. Peter
Oliver, Foster Huchinson, & William Brown, Esqr.

Monday the 30th Day of October 1775

and con-
tinued for four Days following, that no one
may plead Ignorance of the same.

Out of the number of Persons voluntarily entering
into this Association, all such as are able to
to discharge the Duty required of them, shall
be properly armed, and on Allowance of Fuel
and provisions be made to those requiring the
same, equal to what is issued to his Majesty's
Troops within the Garrison.

Given at Head Quarters in Boston, this 28th Day
of October, 1775.

/True Copy taken by T. F./ The Association was printed on the same
sheet & posted with the proclamation


Gen. Howes Proclamation for
men to associate in Boston, 1775
Oct. 28
An Association
Proposed to the Loyal Citizens

Agreeable to the Proclamation issued by his Excy. the Honl.
Maj. Gen. William How, Commander in Chief of his
Majesty's Forces, &c. &c. &c.

We his Majesty's loyal Subjects of the Town of Boston,
being sensible of the Duty incumbent on us, "to do
every Thing in our power, to support Order and
good Government, as well as to contribute our
Aid to the internal Security of the Town." Now
take this Opportunity to profess our firm Alle-
giance to his Majesty, and entire Obedience to
his Government & Laws.

From a Disposition to continue quiet & obedient
subjects, we have generally neglected the use
of Arms, while those of different Characters and
Sentiments, have been dilligently endeavoring to
improve themselves in that Art. Upon these
Principles, we have remained in, or fled to, this
Town, neither do we wish or desire to leave it. --

We consider it as our strongest Duty to contribute
our Aid in promoting the Peace, Order & Security
of the Town, and are willing to be employed, to
these good purposes, in the Days & Means suited
to our Capacities. To that End, we chearfully ac-
cept the Offers of his Excellency, and now Volun-
tarily Associate, for the purposes mentioned in
his proclamation hereby promising, that such
of us as he shall think proper, or able to perform
the Duties therein required will be formed into
Companies as therein mentioned: And will to
the utmost of our power faithfully perform
those Services, & punctually discharged the Trusts

reposed in us. And that such as are not able to
go through those Duties, will freely contribute our
proportions, according to our Abilities, to raise a
Sum of Money for promoting this salutary pur-
pose to be applied to the use of those, who are
able, in such manner as the General, or those
he may appoint, may think proper. ---

/True Copy Taken by T.F./