Bee [Be] it Known unto all men by these presents
That I John Saffin of Bristol in the Province of
the Massathusets Bay in New England out of mere
kindness to and for the Incouragement [encouragement] of my
Negro man Adam to goe on Chearfully [cheerfully] in his business
and Imployment [employment] by me now put into the Custody Service
and Comand [command] of Thomas Shepherd my Tenant on Bound
field ffarme [farm] in Bristol aforesaid for and dureing
the Terme of Seven years from the Twenty fifth --
Day of March last past 1694. fully to be Compleat and
Ended or as I may otherwise see cause to Imploy [enploy] him.
I say I doe [do] by these presents of my owne [own] free & volluntary [voluntary]
will, & pleasure, from and after the full End and Expiration
of Seven years begining [beginning] on the Twenty fifth day of
March last past and from thenceforth fully to be Compleat
and Ended, Enfranchise, clear, and make free my said
Negro man Named Adam to be fully at his own Dispose
and liberty as other freemen are or ought to be --
according to all true intents and purposes aforesaid
Allwayes Provided That the said Adam my Servant
Doe in the meantime goe [go] on Chearfully quietly and
Industriously in the lawfull business that Either
my Self or my assignes shall from time to time --
Reasonably sett him about or Imploy him in, and doe [do]
behave and abare [bear] himself as an honnest [honest] true and
faithfull [faithful] Servant ought to doe dureing the terme of
Seven years as aforesaid In Wittness [witness] where of I the
said Jno Saffin have here unto sett my hand & Seal
this Twenty Sixth Day of June 1694 In the Sixth
year of Their Majestys [Majesties'] Reign --

John Saffin

[There is a flourish under the signature.]

Signed Sealed & Delivered
In the presence of

The mark [there is a scribble-like mark on the document] of

Rachel Brown

Richard Smith
Samuell Gallop

This Instrument above written was
Entered in the first Book for wills &
Invennentoryes payd [paid] the last Novemb
15th. 1694 by John Cary Recorder

Boston June. 25. 1701

John Saffin abovenamed PSonnaly appearing in the Superiour
Court of Judicature acknowledged the above Instrumt
to be his Act & Deed Atteste Elisha Cooke Cleric:


John Saffin
-- & his negro