discharged both -- He won laurels in 'the
French war' (was, I believe, at the taking
of Cape Breton) & wore them meekly --
The plan of Providence to ma produce prevent
in approach at least to imprimity monstrous discrepancies by mating
the tall with the short, the fat with
the lean the sour with the sweet &c &c was illustrated by
General A-- & his help-meat -- He was
the gentlest, most benign of men, she a
shrew untameable -- He was Allworthy as my Uncle Toby He had pity tolerance
& forgiveness for every human error --
There was no such word as error in her Madame A s
vocabulary. Every departure from her
rule of rectitude was crime. She was
the type of punishment -- Her justice was
blind, & without scales -- so that she
never accepted weighed ingnorance against error,
nor temptation against sin -- He was the
kindest of masters to his slaves, she the
most despotic of mistresses -- Happily for
the servile household those were the days