poor little My brother's! poor little boy!" -- and then
she burst out like a little child,
& cried, & cried, & wrung her
hands" --

After the examination General A
gave the girl into Mumbet s hands
with orders that every thing should
be done for her security & comfort
Every thing was done, but her the misery
of the unfortunate child never
released - The father was apprehended
the his child was confronted with
him -- "He was an awful looking
man" Mumbet said -- "He had short
grey hair but not close cropped & when
Tamor I led Tamor in it rose & every
hair stood stiff & upright on his
head I've seen awful sights in my day, but nothing near to that --" -- + ["+" signifiies reference mark] , Much corroborative testimony was obtained
There was then no Court for capital
trials in Berkshire -- The culprit was
+ [The following crossed-out lines were meant to be inserted at the "+" mark, and are written at the bottom of the page.] from the rest of the
story to put into a note -