-- amounted to, nearly, a thousand dollars. If ever
gold were the sign & representative of virtue it
was that she accumulated.

The joint effect of a gentle nature & an inferior a subservi-
-ent condition is apparent in the subservient
manner of the colored people in the United
States whether in slavery or freedom -- Our
democratic institutions have effaced deference from the multifarious kinds of the white race that constitute the American people
Where all are possible Presidents each shrinks
from an implied confession of superiority
-- But the prizes of life are alas! beyond
the hope of the black -- He accepts his
condition, & one perceives in the carriage of his
person, in the tones of his voice, in the instinc
-tive civility deference respectfulness of his passing
salutation the confession "You are the Master --
I am the servant"!

Mum-Bett was a striking exception to this