truth -- She had no assumption. She perfectly
maintained the decorum of her station,
the consciousness of power but she had not one particle of the subserviency of Caste -- Her intelligence her
integrity her resolute mind were apparent in
her deportment, & gave her an unquestioned
ascendancy over her companions in service
and while it made those above her feel that their
superior station was but an accident --

And in the last act of the drama of
life -- then when conscience upheaves the barren or the blotted past & poor humanity with its
cowardly memories quails -- she met death
not as the dreaded Tyrant but as the
angel-messenger of God. prepared to
meet him in the high attribute of the
nature He had given! + [This is an insertion mark.] When The cler-
-gyman of the village visited her on her death
-bed with the rigors of the old creed, &
presenting the terrors of the law said "are
[The following is inserted in the left margin:] + When she was on her death-bed Some of the
'orthodox' pious felt a technichal yet sincere concern
for her. Even her worth required the passport
of 'church-membership'