of the unquestioned of the fixed supremacy of the man --
No question of the equality of the sexes had impaired womans contentment, or provoked man's fears or ridicule had
distressed the current of mans his authority
that had flowed had run undisturbed since first
the 'river Pison' flowed out of Eden. No women's
right's conventions had dared to doubt the
primitive law & curse -- that thy desire of the woman shall be to thy husband
So that, as & he shall rule over thee"
so that, as we intimated, the servants of
Madam A suffering under her despotism tyranny
had always a right of appeal to a
higher tribunal. Whatever petty tyrannies
the magnanimous General might quietly
submit to in his own person, he never
acquiesced in oppression of his people -- Among
them was a remarkable woman of pure un-
-mixed African race -- her virtures would have