dined at home with Mr. Saml Cabt Mrs Rowe--
Sucky & G Speakman -- after Dinner I went to
Church Mr Walter Read prayers & preached from
the 5th. Chapter of St. Matthew & the 8th. Verse
Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they Shall
see God --. I spent the Evening at Na Bethunes
with him and his Bro George Mr. Boutineau
Mr. Griffin from Virginia. Solomon Davis Thom
Brattle Sam Prince & Little Nat. Bethune

5 March Monday

much snow fell too night
dind at home with Mrs. Rowe Sucky G. Speakman
& Antony-- Spent the Evening at Mrs Cordis with
the Fire Club Present Wm Sheaffe John Erving
Wm Mollineux Geo Bethune Martin Lovell
Bryn Fanewill jun MeLatiah Bourn Solo Davy
Nicho Boylston & myself     RH.
this night. The 29th Regimt on Duty. A Quarrell
between the soldiers & Inhabitants - The Bells-
Rung -- A Great Number Assembled in Kingstreet

[John Rowe misnumbered pages in diary 7. The page following 1073 is page 1076. (There is no page 1074 and there is no page 1075.)]

A Party of the 29th under the Command of Capt
Preston fird on the People they killed five --
wounded Several Others-- particularly Mr. Edw Payne
in his Right Arm, -- Capt Preston Bears a good
Character-- he was taken in the night & Committed
also Seven more of the 29th--the Inhabitants are
greatly enraged and not without Reason --

6 March Tuesday.

Most all the Town in
Uproar & Confusion. The Govr. & Council met
The Cryer went abo. to warn a Town Meeting
at Eleven of Clock-- The Inhabitants met at
Fanewill Hall. they chose A Respectable
Committee to wait on his Honor the Lieut.
Governour to desire the Troops might be
Removed from the Town. Upon which he --
Consulted Colo Dalyrymple & Colo. Kerr the
Lieut. Governour Returned for Answer that
the 29th Regiment should go to the Castle
& the 14th Regiment Remain in Town I went home to Dinner & dind with Mr. Inman
Colo Scot Mrs. Rowe Sucky G Speakman and
Antony Letchman. afternoon the Inhabitants
met at the Old South Meeting House and after
Some Debate they Unanimously Voted not to
Accept the Lieut Governour's Proposals but
Chose another Committee of Seven to wait on him
again & Insist on all the Troops Being Removd
from the Town & without this is Complyed with
it would not be Satisfactory -- to the Inhabitants
The Committee went & Returnd that His Honor
would Order Both Regiments to the Castle
& Colo Dalrymple consented to it
this gave Great Joy to the Inhabitants & I
believe a General Satisfaction -- so that they
went from the meeting very Peacably to their
Habitations -- I spent the evening at the Possee
all Present except Mr. John Box