Montpelier Aug. 20 1811

Dear Sir

I have rec'd your of the 13th. I am glad to learn that
you are so well satisfied with the state of the ar-
-mories; and that an inconveniencey to the U.S. can be
relieved by so reasonable a measure on that of distribu-
-ting armies to the States. it is particularly agreeable also
that the important works for the defence of [Mr.G?] are
so near their competition. Will it not be well to initiate
without delay reports of the scale of all our fortifications, which
with every other information of our military & Defen-
-sive situation, ought to be at hand on the meeting of
course. I flatter my self that the communication will
not diminish confidence at home, not impact abroad. The
object of the Osages & Choctaws justifies the allowance of
their proposed visit, tho' not in itself desirable. Mrs. M.
joins in best wishes to Mrs. Eustis; and in the pleasure afforded
by the prospect of soon welcoming you both at our abode.

Accept my esteem &respect
James Madison


The president Aug 20. 1811