Montpelier Sept. 8. 1812

Dear Sir

I have your of the 7th. The detention of the Indians
as hostages is liable to the most severe objections. The most extreme
case only would justify it. And the voting of the measure
is liable to those you suggest, and in that view of the subject.
The opinion of Clarke at least might to in favor of it.
Is that known? The capture of Fort Wayne is I hope
a mistake for the [Coll?] of Chicago.

I am glad to learn that Mr. Monroe listens to
the idea of charging himself with the superintendence
of an animated expedition agst. the uppermost Canada.
Some signal effort seems to be indispensable to efface
the impression made by Hull's fate.

I propose setting out for Washington the day after
morrow (Friday). It is Terrible I may be detained till the day
day after. Mention this to Mr. Monroe, to whom I may not be
able to write by this mail.

Friendly regards
J. Madison


The President
Sep. 8

William Eustis Esq
Secretary of War