La grange Dec. 1 1816

My dear Sir

The beautiful naval engravings, the news paper giving an account of the battle,
an interesting letter from Major Mercer, your much esteemed favors Octob. 12th and
Novem. 18th Have all, some rather slowly, come to Hand. Part of them have been
aknowledged. I beg leave Here to offer for the Whole my affectionate thanks. Your
accounts of the prosperity of our dear American Country Have delighted me. My
family and several friends Have Had their share in the feelings Which those
statements cannot fair to excite. Whatever particulars of the kind of may
communicate shall ever be very welcome and very cheering. [Lbt?] Boon's story is
truly curious and attracting. there is some thing romantic also in the attack
upon a battel of the U.S. by a Spanish Squadron, as none but the protecting
[Spini?] of South American could blind and impel those people to such an act of
folly. As to Great Britain, I do not believe the report, Hoping she is now rather
Un Hinged for Hostile activity.

I see you follow, in the papers, the debates of the new chamber of deputies:
they have been, on Friday Last, rather warm. I claim no rights to meddle with
the politics of either section, both equally disclaiming those doctrines for which we
were fighting, you and I my dear friend, above forty years ago. There are nevertheless
in the House a few companions of mine such as d'argenton whose opinions I
could pledge. UnBiased then, as I am, in those ministerial and ultra, Broils to
which I remain a stranger, I ought in justice to observe that the Arbitrary System

for which ministers are deservedly afraid Has been not only encouraged but aggravated
By the very men who complain of it so far as it Has not been exclusively applied
to political unBelievers.

I intend paying a short visit to a few friends in Paris where some business
calls me for eight or ten days after which I shall again retire to my Winter quarters
at La Grange. Every opportunity to hear from you will Be gratefully aknowledged.
My family join in Affectionate Aknowledgements and respects to Mrs. Eustis Caroline Langdon Eustis and
to You.

your Constant old friend,


À Monsieur Eustis Ministre
Plenipotentiaire des etats Unis
à Bruxelles
Pais Bas