My dear John

Washington 5th July 1821

Your father yesterday performed his
part to admiration and their was as much general
satisfaction expressed as could possibly be expected
in a place where so many great interests and
powerful passions are ever at work – He look-
-ed better than I ever saw him and was less
fatigued than could have been expected or hoped
It was the anniversary of your eighteenth birth
day and the mingled feelings of publick and pri
vate interest thus excited will stamp its memory
with more than its wonted respect – You will I –

proudly hope my son live to see it celebrated many many
a year and in your turn assist in adding to its
festivity and joy – – Mortification was depicted on
the faces of his enemies, delight on the countenances
of his friends and surprize on that of many who
were almost strangers to his person and who had ta-
-ken it for granted that the apparent coldness of
his character would necessarily make his oratory
flat and insipid. You are so well acquainted
with your fathers manner of reading and speak-
-ing, you can well imagine the astonishment of
those who had this conceit, at his energy, his
pointed expression, and the profoundness of his
feeling – which called forth bursts of applause; and
in fact in consequence of these erroneous ideas
in many of his auditors produced a tenfold
effect – Ned Wyer was quite a master of the ce-
-remonies and had a [ puffer?] been wanted would
have blown the trump of fame with a sound so
shrill as to have awaked the spirits of our
forefathers from their dread abode and to
speak their approbation _____

I have not time for more and I dare say
you will think this quite enough from
your most affectionate Mother
L. C. A.


Tell George his father is much
pleased with his little romance –
The idea is prettily [used?] the versification
might be improved –

[Postmarked and franked: WASHN CITY JUL 4 ] J. Q. Adams
[Stamped: FREE]


Mr. John Adams Juno.


[The following is written at head of page, perpendicular to the address ] From my Mother dated July 5th
Received__     12th
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