The following depositions were taken and authenticated
as soon as possible after the action to prove and eluci-
date the truth of facts relative thereto.

and ELIJAH SANDERSON, all of lawful age and of
Lexington, in the county of Middlesex and colony of the Mas-
sachusetts-Bay, in New-England, do testify and declare, That
on the evening of the eighteenth of April instant, being on the
road between Lexington and Concord, and all of us mount-
ed on horses, we were about ten of the Clock, suddenly sur-
prized by nine persons whom we took to be regular officers, who
rode up to us, mounted and armed, each holding a pistol in his
hand, and after putting pistols, to our breasts, and seizing the bri-
dles of our horses, they swore that if we stirred another step we should
be all dead men, upon which we surrendered ourselves, they detain-
ed us until two o'clock the next morning, in which time they search-
ed and greatly abused us, having first enquired about the magazine
at Concord, whether any guards were posted there and whether the
bridges were up, and said four or five regiments of regulars would
be in possession of the stores soon, they then brought us back to Lex-
ington, cut the horses bridles and girts, turned them loose, and then
left us.

MIDDLESEX, ss. April 25th, 1775.
JONATHAN LORING, Solomon Brown, and Elijah Sander-
, being duly cautioned to testify the whose truth, made
solemn oath to the truth of the above deposition by them sub-
    Quorum,     William Read , Josiah Johnson, William Stickney,     Justices of the Peace.

I ELIJAH SANDERSON above-named, do further testify
and declare that I was in Lexington Common the morning
of the nineteenth of April aforesaid, having been dismissed by
the officers abovementioned and saw a large body of regular
troops advancing towards Lexington Company, many of whom
were then dispersing, I heard on of the regulars, whom I took
to be an officer, say, damn them we will have them, and imme-
daitely the regulars shouted aloud, run and fired on the Lex-
ington Company, which did not fire a gun before the regulars
discharged on them, eight of the Lexington company were kil-
led, while they were dispersing and at a considerable distance,
from each other, and many wounded, and although a spectator
I narrowly escaped with my life.     ELIJAH SANDERSON
Lexington, April 25th, 1775.