[ Pencil notation, top right corner:] [[Sept. 29, 1778]]

It is with real pleasure that I devote my first performance
in this way, to my fondly remember'd
ever Dear Aunts whose kind partiality I know will
accept it with all its faults, as it is meant, a proof of
my affection for them.

I began to learn to write in May, and
have wrought a Samplar with the enclosed verses in
it, pend by my Dr Pappa, and a pr of muslin Cuffs, and Tucker
for myself, and shall endeavour to make the most improvement I can

of papas' indulgence in letting me go to School. I have
got a little sister named Louisa, and mamma is got
abread again. The Family well. Writing you, permit me
my Dear Aunts, (through you) to present my Dutiful
and affect regards to my honord Grandpapa. I dare not at
=tempt writing to him yet. A Line from you would great
=ly encourage and make me very happy.

Your most dutiful
and truly affect Niece,
Eliza Byles

[Subscription (dateline at bottom of letter)] Halifax September 29, 1778

Wrought in Miss E Byles's Samplar

I a young Exile from my native Shore.
Stare at the Flash of Arms and dread the Roar
My softer soul not form'd for Scenes like these
Flies to the Arts of Innocence and Peace:
My Heart exults while to the attentive Eye
The Curious Needle spreads the enamel'd Dye
While varying Shades the pleasing Task beguile
My Friends approve me, and my parents smile.


Miss Polly Byles