[Entry for 14 April 1865 not transcribed, see page image.]

April 15th.[1865]

At sea. fine weather. took a Pilot at
7 bells ran in. the Harbor of Cadiz.
we anchored of Quarenteen. we were
visited by the health surgeons our pa
pers were not properly signd. we were
quarenteend until about 3 Oclock.
when we were allowed to visit the
Citty. I was among the lucky ones that
went on shore. I found Cadiz to be quite
clean but the streets are very narrow, and
the citty must be very hot in conse-
quence on my return on board I heard
the glad tidings that the Stars and Stripes
had been planted over the Capitol of the
Damnd Confederacy. by the invincible
Grant. while we honor the living sol-
diers who have done so much we must
not forget to whisper for fear of de-
sturbeing the Glorious sleep of the many
who have fallen. Mayrters to the cau [se]
of Right and Equality.