Honble: Sir

We the Subscribers look upon it as our Duty to inform
your Honor the Truth of Phelix Cuff being engagd for this Town
in the Militia for three Months as we are persuaded had your
Honor been rightly informd thereof your Honor would not have
permitted Edward Gearfield to have taken the said Phlix Cuff and
his Arms and Accoutrements: The Reason your Honor alledges is
that the said Phelix Cuff was clandestinely taken when the said
Gearfield was from Home, which must arise from Misinformation
for the said Edward was at Home when Phelix engagd and we
are persuaded that he has no Demand in Justice on the said Phelix as a Slave
whatever he may pretend by any pretended Bill of Sale. his Arms
and Accoutrements are the Towns the Cloths the said Phelix Cuff
now has were procurd by him with the Money the Town paid him to
engage in said Service. It is here reported that the said Edward
told your Honor that he was engagd in Teaming for the Continent
and wanted Phelix for said Service which is equally false. The said
Edward Gearfield likewise now refuses to deliver the Arms and Ac:
:coutrements tho' he is sensible they are the Towns and never were
either his or Phelix s Property. As the said Phelix Cuff is desirous
of returning to the Army with Lieut. Hastings and is a hear healthy
Fellow induces us to countenance his Return nothwithstanding your
Honors Furlough till supposing it to be our Duty till your Ho:
:nor should be acquainted with the Truth thereof

We are your Honors most obedient humble Servants

    Abraham Peirce Capt of said town
    Abijah Brown
    Saml Wellington
        } Committee for hiring Men

    Abner Sanderson
    Isaac Gleason
    Jonas Dix Junr.
    John Clark
        } Selectmen

Waltham Augt 17th: 1780


From Selectmen
of Waltham
respectg. Felix Cuff
Augst. 17th. 1780