Mr. John Green nt proceeds     £ 53..16 --
Remit. A box of Mold mutton suet Candles

Mr. John Howell Jun. Nt. Proceeds £
Remit. 2 Boxes mold mutton suet Candles.
5 or 6 doz Ox bowes // Scale fish as
early as can.}
a Jugg of Spirit or Oyl Turpentine.

Saml. Osborne Esq Nt Proceeds £ 395..14..4
Remit. Fish as Opportunity permits
4 Boxes Comon, 4 Boxes mutton suet &
A small box of Mold green Candles,
the Weeks to be good.

Heir of Wm. Carter Nt. Proceeds £ 43..5/
Remit. 1. Box Wax & 1 Tallow Candles
1 barrl Oyl remains in Good
Scale Fish.

Natha. Carrington Nt. Procds. £ S d 111:4:6
Remit. 40 Gallns Canary 30 of Oyl Turpente
6 boxes Mold Tallow Candles Remains in Fish.

John Ashley Esq Nt. Proceeds £ 116 2.5
Remit. 6 Hhds good fish P 1st. Vessl.
1 box Wax Candles // 1 box of Soap
2 Hhds of Indian Corn if Cheap
1 Qbl. of best Cusk fish. Remaindr good fish