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Lucy Flucker Knox

Lucy Flucker Knox Silhouette
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Depicted here with an elaborate hair arrangement topped with a gravity-defying tall hat, Lucy Flucker Knox posed for this caricature in Philadelphia in 1790. The amateur painted silhouette is attributed to one of the sons of the financier Robert Morris. Lucy Knox and Henry, her husband, found themselves in Philadelphia during the latter’s term as secretary of war. The couple first met in Boston prior to the Revolution when Lucy, “[a] young lady of high intellectual endowments, very fond of books,” frequented Henry’s bookstore. Having fallen in love, the couple married in 1774 over the objections of her family, whose loyalist leanings conflicted with their future son-in-law’s patriot convictions. By all accounts, the Knoxes had a happy marriage, despite hardships and lengthy separations during the Revolutionary War. They were considered one of the leading couples in the new government and their home a social center.