Boston July 19th: 1772

My dear friend

I rec'd your kind Epistle a few days ago; much disappointed
to hear that you had not rec'd my answer to your first letter.* I
have been in a very poor state of health all the past winter
and spring, and now reside in the country for the benefit of its
more wholesome air. I came to town this morning to spend the
Sabbath with my master and mistress: Let me be interested in yr.
Prayers that God would please to bless to me the means us'd for my
recovery, if agreable to his holy Will. While my outward man
languishes under weakness and pa [in], may the inward be refresh'd
and strengthend more abundantly by him who declar'd from
heaven that his strength was made perfect in weakness! may
he correct our vitiated taste, that the meditation of him may
be delightful to us. No longer to be so excessively charm'd with
fleeting vanities: But pressing forward to the fix'd mark f [or]
the prize. How happy that man who is prepar'd for that Night
Wherein no man can work! Let us be mindful of our high
calling, continually on our guard, lest our treacherous hearts
Should give the adversary an advantage over us. O! who can
think without horror of the snares of the Devil. Let us, by frequent
meditation on the eternal Judgment prepare for it. May the
Lord bless to us these thoughts, and teach us by his spirit to
live to him alone, and when we leave this world may We be
his: That this may be our happy case, is the sincere desire
your affectionate friend, & humble servt.

Phillis Wheatley

* I sent the letter
to Mr. Whitwell's who said he
wou'd forward it.


Miss Arbour Tanner
Rhode Island.
To the care of
Mr. Pease's Servant.