Boston Oct. 30, 1773

Dear Obour

I rec'd your most kind Epistles of Augt. 27, & Oct
13th. By a young man of your Acquaintance, for which I am
obligd to you. I hear of your welfare with pleasure; but this
acquaints you that I am at present indispos'd by a cold. &
Since my arrival have been visited by the Asthma. --

Your observations on our dependance on the Diety, &
your hopes that my wants will be Supply'd from his fulness
which is in Christ Jesus, is truely worthy of your self --
I can't say but my voyage to England has conduced to
the recovery (in a great measure) of my Health. The Friends
I found there among the Nobility and Gentry. Their Bene
volent conduct towards me, the unexpected, and unmerited
civility and Complaisance with which I was treated by all,
fills me with astonishment, I can scarcely Realize it, --
This I humbly hope has the happy Effect of lessning
me in my own Esteem. Your Reflections on the sufferings
of the Son of God, & the inestimable price of our immortal
Souls, Plainly demonstrate the sensations of a Soul united

to Jesus. What you observe of Esau is true of all
mankind, who, (left to themselves) would sell their hea
venly Birth Rights for a few moments of sensual pleasure
whose wages at last (dreadful wages!) is eternal condemna
tion. Dear Obour let us not sell our Birthrights for
a thousand worlds, which indeed would be as dust upon
the Ballance. -- The God of the Seas & dry Land, has gracious
ly Brought me home in safety Join with me in thanks to him
for so great a mercy, & that it may excite me to praise him
with chearfulness, to Persevere in Grace & Faith, & in the Know
ledge of our Creator and Redeemer, -- that my heart may be
filld with gratitude, I should have been pleased greatly to see
Miss West, as I imagine she knew you., I have been very Bu
sy ever since my arrival or should have, now wrote a more par
ticular account of my voyage, But must submit that satisfac
tion to some other Opportunity, I am Dear friend,
most affectionately ever yours,
Phillis Wheatley

my mistress has been very sick above 14 weeks & confind to her
Bed the whole time, but is I hope somewhat Better, now

The young man by whom this is handed you seems
to me to be a very clever man knows you very well & is
very Complaisant and agreable. --


I enclose Proposals for my Book, and beg youd use your
interest to get Subscriptions as it is for my Benefit --


To --
Obour Tanner