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A Plan of the Battle, on Bunkers Hill

A Plan of the Battle, on Bunkers Hill Map
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[ This description is from the project: Bunker Hill ]

This map published in London on 27 November 1775, A Plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill, includes a printed version of a letter from General John Burgoyne to his nephew Lord Stanley. Writing from Boston on 25 June 1775, Burgoyne described the Battle of Bunker Hill: "And now ensued one of the greatest scenes of war that can be conceived."

About John Burgoyne

A playwright and gambler, John Burgoyne had entered the military at the age of 15 and served in Portugal during the Seven Year's War (1756–1763), which corresponded to the French and Indian War in America (1754–1760). Having attained the rank of major general by 1775, he arrived in Boston that May with Generals William Howe and Henry Clinton. Frustrated by his lack of authority in Boston, he left America, only to return to command an expedition from Canada in 1777, an expedition that ended in disaster with the surrender of his army at Saratoga.