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Instructions to the prison keeper regarding Silvanus Warro's imprisonment, 2 March 1672

Instructions to the prison keeper regarding Silvanus Warro`s imprisonment, 2 March 1672
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This small document contains instructions dated 2 March 1672 to the prison keeper in Boston to hold Deacon Parker's "servant" Silvanus Warro on the charges of night-walking, disobedience, and fornication with Elizabeth Parker.  The document is signed by Massachusetts Deputy Governor John Leverett (1616-1679) and secretary Edward Rawson (1615-1693).

It is not clear whether Elizabeth Parker is a member of Deacon Parker's family, or a servant/enslaved person who carries their last name (as was common).  In a different document, a memorandum dated 19 October 1682, a certain Deacon William Park outlines his expenses incurred on behalf of a runaway enslaved person named Sylvanus Warro, including upkeep of his "bastard child."  (See the online presentation of the memorandum from October 1682).